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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I am NOT a Not For Profit Company ...
My rates take into account the rising costs of gasoline, office equipment, supplies, taxes, registrations, licenses, my time, skills, experience, expertise and knowledge.

You don't have to hire me as a service provider--you can hire someone that has absolutely no idea of the business in's and out's and pay them as though they were your employee -- because they have the mind set of an employee instead of that of a business person. However, if you have no intention of paying a fair and reasonable fee, don't take the time to insult me with an outrageously low fee. I don't want to waste my time, efforts and cell minutes on you.

I just got a call from a Signing Service that a few years ago used my services quite regularly and paid above-average fees. Suddenly the calls stopped, and I'm sure they began using one of my cut-throat competitors. My competitor(s) must have found that they could not survive on the fees they were accepting because a few months ago I began getting calls once again from this Signing Service -- signings which I rejected. With last nights call, I quoted my fee, which was about $30 more than my last loan signing with them. In a shocked and flabbergasted voice she asks "why?"

W-H-Y ?? Well, because this is MY business and I don't have to ask your permission or get approval -- that's why! How dare you ask me why I've raised my rates. With the "new" rates you offered, I would be better off if the Borrowers personally brought the loan package to me and I charged them only for individual acknowledgments/jurats at state-allowed $5.00 per notarization. I would be paid right on the spot and not have to deal with the likes of you, where if I'm lucky, I *may* get paid 45, 60 or 90 or more days later.

You tell me that I've just committed business suicide because I've raised my rates instead of lowering them as you have done -- you are so wrong -- a company that fails to keep their rates in line with costs around them are the ones that will fail.

You certainly don't see FedEx or UPS lowering their rates! 
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4:18 pm mdt 

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Annual Thorn in my A$$
Today and tomorrow are my least favorite days of the year, and the ones that cause me the greatest stress -- it's the annual neighborhood block sale. We actually have THREE blocks combined as the street is continuous with no intersecting side streets.

The first thing that irks me about the block sale is that as a home-based business, I am required to pay taxes on my earnings, as well as being licensed by the city and registered with the state. If I have too much business traffic that disrupts the neighbors, they are allowed to file a complaint against me.

Secondly, the gawkers aka block sale bargain shopaholics park any damn place they choose -- whether it be in the middle of the street, in the middle of MY driveway, which is obvious I'm not a participant, making it impossible for me to leave or, if I do leave, I'm not able to get back into my own drive. The ignorance of people and their lack of common sense amazes me. Early one morning several years ago, some idiot man parked in front of my house, walked up my driveway and literally stole the newspaper -- when I asked him what he thought he was doing, his reply was "well, it's just laying there."

Thirdly, it becomes a carnival atmosphere on Saturday. Neighbors sell hot dogs, cold drinks and popcorn -- now just where is the Health Department?

The mailman refuses to deliver mail for these two days of the year. Trash pickups and UPS/FedEx deliveries are just SOL.

But god help me if I or my business should ever distburb someone!
[end of blog]
11:27 am mdt 

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With a typing speed of 120 wpm, Carolyn Bodley began offering independent contractor/secretarial and transcription services to the Denver metro legal community in 1992.

I am not a court reporter or medical transcriptionist and I don't videotape depositions -- I'm strictly a legal transcriptionist which means putting spoken words on paper. All my transcripts contain a certification stating that to the best of my knowledge, belief and ability, the audio/video I received has not been altered in any way, and the transcript is true, accurate and complete. I have never been advised that a court rejected one of my audio or video transcripts. If my transcript is rejected by the court, you will be reimbursed in full for my services. Because I certify that the transcript is true and complete, the entire audio/video must be transcribed--I am unable to transcribe "just a portion" that you need. 

I guarantee that your transcripts will be typed confidentially, accurately and with attention to detail at a fair price.

  • Discovery is often turned over in a format other than hard copy. This discovery includes, but is not limited to, recorded telephone conversations, police interviews, depositions, investigations, witness statements, and more. The audio and video "words" need to be put to paper, and your already overworked legal staff often don't have the skills, equipment, the inclination or the time.
  • Discovery is often the deciding factor of whether a case goes to trial. Most of us hear, but do we listen? Recently I transcribed a video that had been viewed and listened to several times and by several people before I transcribed it. There was a one sentence statement that not one person caught -- this one sentence was not the only reason the case was dismissed one day before trial--however, it carried quite a bit of weight -- and I'm the only one that "heard" it. Had the video never been transcribed, how many other words would never have been heard?

Add-On Services:

  • laser color printing
  • laminating
  • spiral binding
  • proofreading/editing your work product

Your Documents are Your Reputation ...
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