Value-Added Transcription Services

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Value-Added Transcription Services

  • Pickup/Delivery within the Denver Metro Area.
  • No charge for communication via telephone or e-mail.
  • Completed transcripts are re-listened to/proofread word-for-word against original audio/video
    • MY transcripts 98.5% accurate and eliminating all but the worst of the [INAUDIBLES]
      • If I'm not 100% sure of a word, I will not second-guess and put a "possible" word that may or may not be what was said
  • Completed transcripts are certified: "To the best of my knowledge, belief and ability, the transcript is true, complete and accurate and has not been altered from the original media format."
  • Transcripts are printed on high-quality bond paper and spiral bound -- similar to court reporter transcripts.

Please note that I won't transcribe partial transcripts or "only needed" portions of the audio/video--the entire file must be transcribed as my certification states "true, correct and COMPLETE." A partial transcript is not complete. 

includes ah's, uh's, um's, etc.

Clean VERBATIM includes everything that was said -- with the exception of the transcript being cleaned and the ah's, uh's, um's, etc.  

Unless requested otherwise, all transcripts are typed TRUE VERBATIM.

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The Differences Between Verbatim Transcription/Transcripts

and General Office Correspondence

  • Verbatim transcription is getting every sound, utterance and word on paper – in addition to the speaker’s emotions, whether it be laughter, crying, sighing, etc. The end result is a hard-paper copy – exact and identical to an audio/video file.
  • General correspondence omits false starts, uhs, ahs, ums, etc. Additionally, I would hope that the dictator is not sobbing during the dictation.
  • General transcription is rarely a true and correct copy of what was said – it ends up being a skimmed and/or slimmed down – often typists omit words without changing the meaning.
  • Verbatim transcripts are usually spoken on the fly – it may have been practiced beforehand, although not necessarily – questions may be prepared ahead of time – sometimes one answer will lead to another question that wasn’t thought out ahead of time. A missed word could definitely change the meaning of what was said.
  • General correspondence dictation is usually thought out. Some dictators will prepare a cheat sheet ahead of time. Dictators will say strike when they’ve changed their minds about what they just said, or they will stet something when they change their minds again.
  • A transcript might have a person change a point or clarify something, although the original verbiage does not get struck from the transcript.


Verbatim transcription is a specialized skill – and not just anyone can do it!

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