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Unlike some secretarial and transcription services that charge by the page, line, word or audio hour, my rates are charged at a very competitive hourly rate with the clock stopping for interruptions and breaks. 

  • Many secretarial/transcription sites include charts and graphs depicting industry standards. Their fees are based on an average typist that types between 70-75 wpm -- penalizing you in both time and money if they type slower, or penalizing themselves if the hard copy or dictation is next to impossible to read or hear.   

The principle behind my fees is very basic and it all comes down to LEGIBILITY and AUDIBILITY -- how clean and easy-to-read is the hard copy/marked-up revisions and the clarity of the tape dictation/transcription? Illegible handwriting and muffled, hard-to-hear, skipping audio takes longer, while clear and easy-to-read handwriting and clear audio takes less time. 

The clarity of the audio, as well as the appearance of the hard copy determines the length of time it takes to transcribe -- good quality equals less time and poor quality equals more time. Please call for my rates and an estimate of the time it will take me to complete. 

  • Many services offer only a machine spell check and tell you that it is your responsibility to proof for accuracy. 
  • My completed documents are sent to you as "finals." All documents/files are proofread word-for-word against the original audio/video or handwritten original. 
  • I pride myself in giving you a product that is (at a minimum) 98.5% accurate. I would like nothing better than to guarantee 100% accuracy, however, if I cannot make out exactly what was said, I refuse to second guess and type something that "sounds like" or "might be" what was said -- because of poor speech, heavy accent, or a poorly recorded audio. Unclear audio will be typed as [INAUDIBLE]. 

I certify all transcripts stating that they are true, complete and correct to be best of my knowledge, ability and belief against the original audio/video and have not been altered in any way. The entire audio/video must be transcribed--I am unable to transcribe "just a portion" that you need.

Your work is performed by the same person each and every time -- ME

There are many reasons to outsource your transcription needs. By outsourcing, you don't pay employee benefits, sick days, vacation time, employee idleness, workers' comp, retirement benefits, matching taxes, equipment costs and other overhead. Pay only for what you need, when you need it! 

I use my own state-of-the-art equipment and supplies, and I furnish you with a W-9 and pay my own self-employment taxes. In fact, I'm actually a business tax "write-off" for you.


Until a working relationship has been developed, payment for transcription work is due and payable upon completion of the work. 

Throughout the project, you will be kept abreast of the status of the job, problems encountered, and the time and cost (up to that point). 

Once I begin working on your project, I will be able to give you a pretty accurate *estimate* of the time and cost. 

I do my best to transcribe every file, but if the quality of an audio file is so poor that it simply can't be heard, or I can't decipher poor handwriting, you will be assessed a *poor tape/file* fee of $10.00.


I am furnishing the links below for INFORMATIONAL purposes ONLY. They are for Employee/Employer relationships and NOT what an Independent Contractor charges.

http://www.cbsalary.com/salary_chart.aspx?specialty=Legal+Transcriptionist&kw=Legal&cty=Denver&jn=jn030&sid=CO&edu=&tid=112556&ns=1 -- (legal transcriptionist)

www.salary.com has just released their national pay scale survey -- allowing job applicants to "know their worth" and employers to "know what to pay." The survey is current as of December 2008.

Since leaving full-time employment, I use this site to stay current with local/national salaries. 


Denver Legal Secretary


(Performs secretarial and administrative duties for an attorney. Responsibilities: typing court briefs, letters, memos, reports, answering phone and filing. Requires high school diploma and 7 years experience in the legal field. Familiar with a variety of concepts, practices and procedures. Position requires extensive experience and judgment.)



Base Pay

Base plus Bonuses

$36,256 ($17.43/hr.)


$43,322 ($20.83/hr.)


$59,553 ($28.63/hr.)


$67,264 ($32.34/hr.)




Median Amount

% of Total

Base Salary




$  2,422


Social Security

$  4,093



$  3,317



$     856


Health Care

$  5,328



$  2,247


Time Off

$  6,997





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A service vendor should not be chosen on price alone. I don't openly advertise my rates on my site because I feel that verbal communication between myself and client and/or perspective client is needed in order to discuss exactly what is needed, and what is expected. With that said, the first query I normally get is "how much do you charge per page?" without first telling me anything about the audio/video. ... to continue reading, click link below

about my charge rates

What Price Tag do YOU Place on a Brain?

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  • For serious inquiries, please feel free to contact me so we can discuss your needs and my fees.
  • Two instances stand out in my mind when I'm asked why I charge hourly and not by the length of the audio, number of words/characters or number of pages. The first is an attorney that was going to court on Monday--she called me Friday afternoon to transcribe tapes she was planning to use during the trial. She gave me four tapes where she was literally standing in front of a "running" jet engine and dictating into her recorder. No amount of listening, backing up, listening, backing up was ever going to enable an "AUDIBLE" transcription. The second instance was a set of tapes from a lawyer carrying on his own "secret" investigation--he had his hand-held recorder hid inside either his coat pocket or pants pocket--not a preferred way to "create" a tape.
  • Attorneys bill their clients in tenths of hours -- the same as I do. They don't bill by the number of pages produced or the number of words or characters on a page ...
  • THEREFORE, why do so many transcription services charge by the number of pages, lines or characters?
All projects are different, and this is NOT a "one price fits all" business.

Your Documents are Your Reputation ...
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