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Eye Glasses, Spinning

Outsource News Midwinter 2009

I have recently done some housecleaning and removed all older Newsletters. Be on the lookout for new issues to be posted shortly.


I am in the process of creating a new brochure and postcard for my business. Be on the lookout for my newly designed marketing pieces to be posted soon.

I've received a series of e-mails from an attorney with a specific request -- "I need someone with a brain who understands how to type a pleading." hmmmmm - how many people have placed a value, or the correct value on their brain? To read the story, click the following Price of a Brain link ...

What Price Tag do YOU Place on a Brain?

I just read an article in the Memphis Business Journal (December 7, 2007) "Legal outsourcing to India: Firms consider shipping standard procedure work overseas" ...
I now understand what my Dad meant by Going to Hell in a Hand Basket. To read more, click the following link:

Offshore outsourcing - see what has me fuming mad!

Do You Use On-Site Independent Contractors?
The IRS is cracking down on companies that use ON-SITE Independent Contractors. The investigation is a result of misclassifying the status--Independent Contractor vs. Employee. I have written a White Paper on how this crackdown affects the client and the Independent Contractor. If you are interested in receiving a copy, please request by e-mail using the following link. Type IC crackdown in the subject line.

IRS 20-Point Checklist

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